St. Lawrence Market

This area is a popular place to call home for downtown professionals, theater lovers and bay street boys. St. Lawrence is nestled in the heart of Toronto, with access to the Core, Financial District, Union Station, and centres around Toronto’s largest indoor market – St. Lawrence. Over the last few years, side streets have been under steady construction. For instance, the popular Esplanade just got a fresh new makeover, including expanded sidewalks, a string of new restaurants and condominium developments. The L Tower designed by architect Daniel Libeskind is the latest high-end condo addition that will surely keep up with this neighbourhood’s reputation of architectural significance.

Boundaries (W-N-E-S)

Yonge St

Front St

Parliament St

CN Railway Embankment

Property types

New and old high rise condos

New and old low rise condos and lofts


Downtown Alternative School

St. Michael Annex

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